Tuesday, February 12, 2008

YOU can ask Bret Michaels a question!

I just got off the phone with the promoter of Bret Michaels' Feb 22nd concert at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, who's been working to get me a phone interview with Posion's lead singer.

It looks like I'll be chatting with Bret soon.

And here's where you come in...

Just like I did when I interviewed Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks, I'm looking to give fans of Bret's a chance to ask him a question!

Now, all you've got to do is e-mail your first name, your hometown and your question to me at Journalsean@aol.com. I'll pick the best one out of all the ones I receive and pose it to Bret when I speak to him. Then, I'll post his answer to your question right here.

As soon as I get more details about when I'll be chatting with Bret, I'll pass them along. Until then, feel free to fill my inbox with questions for him!

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