Friday, August 10, 2007

Taylor-made interview for Hicks fans

After more than a week of planning and preparing, I finally got to spend a few minutes on the phone with Taylor Hicks yesterday before his show at the Watertown Fairgrounds Arena in upstate New York.

Given his hectic schedule, he was very gracious to sit down with me, a week prior to bringing tour to our very own Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie.

As almost 100 readers from across North America (including Maggie from Ontario, Canada) responded to my request for questions for Taylor, I’m happy to say I was able to ask a half-dozen more questions from fans than the one I originally planned on.

So, without any further delay, here are some of your questions and Taylor’s answers…

Denise from Unadilla, New York: Of all the songs in that handsome head of yours, why “A Change Is Gonna Come” for your audition with the “American Idol” judges?
Taylor Hicks: I just was really feeling the song at the time — the whole vibe of it and everything — and that’s just luckily the one that got me through.

Janice from Hopewell Junction, New York: If Taylor had the opportunity to tour with or just jam with another musician, either voice or instruments, who would it be? I know he is a Ray Charles fan, but I'm looking for current musicians.
Taylor Hicks: Van Morrison, because he was always one of my musical heroes.

Judy from Spokane, Washington: How were you able to just "teach" yourself to play the harmonica? I know you practiced sounds, but do you have "perfect pitch?" You are awesome on the harp! Of, course it goes without saying, I love all of your music.
Taylor Hicks: I just listened to a bunch of blues music. That’s the best way to do it. Just like playing any other instrument, you’re always getting better.

Stephanie from Birmingham, Alabama: Mr. Hicks, what would you say is the most important thing for a young, aspiring musician to know?
Taylor Hicks: If you’re trying to break in, don’t pay for it. Let someone pay for your talent, like a record company. If they want you bad enough, they’ll pay for you.

Louise from Newfield, New Jersey: Your book, “A Heart Full of Soul,” was a very good read. So emotional and forthright. Is a film version in the works? And if so, who would you ideally choose to play the major roles in film?
Taylor Hicks: I’d like George Clooney in the movie. Maybe it’s the gray hair!

Erin from Branson, Missouri: It is obvious the good side of celebrity, but what are some of the negative sides of it. That you have experienced. I mean besides lack of privacy? What is the one thing you miss the most about being not so famous?
Taylor Hicks: A little bit of the privacy, I guess. But I still love it.

Clarice from Bigfork, Montana: Taylor, are you planning on returning to the northwest with your acoustic tour? We have missed you this summer.
Taylor Hicks: I plan on touring some time after the year is out, possibly acoustic. I’m going to try to release a DVD in the fall.

Thanks again to all who submitted a question, and congratulations to those who got theirs answered by the “American Idol” himself.

I’ll be posting another story on Taylor early next week, in anticipation of the Aug. 16th show here in town, so be sure to check back.

Until then, check out the Poughkeepsie Journal’s Web site for today’s story on fans getting ready for his concert.

Photos courtesy of RCA Music Group, used with permission


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sean for doing this interview. I liked the questions. Hope Taylor enjoyed the fans' input.

Newfield, NJ

And I totally agree about George Clooney in the movie!

Anonymous said...

Great job on this Sean!! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Sean that was an awesome interview! I am looking forward to next weeks pre-show story, and then the CONCERT!!!:-D

A Taylor Fan in Hyde Park, NY

Judy Morton said...

Sean, The article was super! You used my question about the harmonica..but the name is Judy...
That is Taylor would say..."I'll take it". Thanks again for asking for fan questions and the pictures you used with the article are awesome!

Anonymous said...

He never really answered the question

Anonymous said...

He never really answered the question
about touring in the Northwest.

Sean T. McMann said...

Hi, Judy! My bad. I was in a rush late last night to post this for all Taylor's fans, and mistakenly made a typo. I just made the correction.

judy morton said...

Sean, That was very nice of you to fix my name..
I can't wait to read your review of Taylor's concert. He is fantastic LIVE! ENJOY!!