Thursday, September 13, 2007

To go to "Today" or not to go to "Today"?

Part of Barry Manilow's media blitz to promote "The Greatest Songs of the Seventies," set to drop on Tuesday, will be a performance Monday morning on the "Today" show.

So here's my quandary: Should I go?

Now, I've done the "Today" concert thing before, seeing Tony Bennett sing three or four songs back in September 2000.

As it was, I was one of seemingly 1,000 fans there, and I was waaaay in the back and could barely Tony.

First of all, I'm still a little "ticked" that I never got a confirmation e-mail back from the folks at and hence, didn't get to go to either of Barry's PBS tapings earlier this week.

Second, I traveled down to Bryant Park a few years ago to see Barry perform on "Good Morning America," and I had to take the waaaaaay-early train from Poughkeepsie, which costs like $25 round-trip.

Is it worth seeing Barry among the masses for that much, trudge back on the train and then go to work Monday afternoon?

What do you think? Leave me a comment, take the poll at right and let me know!

Photo at top right courtesy of RCA Music Group, used with permission.


Anonymous said...

Well, think about how you'd feel if you didn't go or if something prevented you from going. Would you be upset? If so, then go, if not, just set your VCR.

Anonymous said...

Sean, you're not the only one ticked about not getting tickets for the PBS Taping. Many long time fans (who have spent thousands of dollars on seeing Barry) didn't get tickets either, but Stiletto did hire a few rows of seat fillers for $75 a pop - go figure - guess the regular fans just aren't good enough to be on the taping. As for the Today Show - if you can get there super early I'd say go for it! And, thanks for your support of Barry - he is the BEST!

Anonymous said...


Go down early and have a good time. :)

As for the PBS special...many people showed up who didn't have a confirmation and still got in.

It's all about taking risks and chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Good luck on Monday.

Sean T. McMann said...

Oh, I've been a fan for a dozen years, having gone to see Barry nine times — from Carnegie Hall to Foxwoods to Tampa, Fla. Yes, I've noticed the few front rows on most of Barry's TV specials ("Ultimate Manilow" from the Kodak Theater, the "Music and Passion" PBS special) are filled with people planted there by the producers. The "Today" thing, though, is so difficult particularly when I have to head back to Poughkeepsie and work that afternoon. I'm so torn!

Anonymous said...

you can always nap before you go to work.

Anonymous said...

You've gotta go...because I can't get there, and surely one of us should be in attendance!


Anonymous said...

Sean - I'm so sorry you didn't get a confirmation email. I am a long time fan, and I did get confirmation. I drove from Detroit, stopped in Cleveland on the way to sleep a few hours at a friend's place and arrived 45 minutes late. They still let me in. Got SECOND ROW seats BOTH nights and had a blast. The big drawback was that for the sub-VIPs, we didn't even get a bottle of water in most cases and some people waited for hours, trips to the bathroom were by escort only, but all in all I would do it all over again. I was hoping you would be there!

As for the Today show... if you're gonna go... go EARLY!!!! and dress warm. Otherwise, get good rest and go to work. It's not like Barry's going to see you in the crowd and invite you to lunch! LOL.

Whatever you decide, enjoy!