Monday, November 19, 2007

So ... how was Sara Evans???

Still recuperating (and having been out of the local entertainment loop for 3+ weeks now), I did not go see country music's Sara Evans at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on Sunday.

Living right near the MHCC, though, I did see that her caravan took up most of the block surrounding the arena.

She had tour buses, a merchandise trailer and several more tractor trailers with equipment, all parked around the block.

I swear Sara wins the award for the most gear: Even when the WWE comes to town, complete with their ring set-up and lighting rigging, Uncle Vince and the gang don't bring as much stuff to Poughkeepsie as Sara!

So, was it worth it?

Who went to the show? How was Sara?

Really, in recent months, I've seen just about all the country music I want to, having met The Wreckers in Rhinebeck and then Gretchen Wilson at the Civic Center. Honestly, the only thing I know about Sara is that she was on "Dancing with the Stars" and that whole messy divorce thing.

So if ya went to the show yesterday, drop us a comment and let us know how it went, k?

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