Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bonne nuit, L'Allemagne!

For those who don't speak German (like myself), there's a little shout-out to our Eastern European readers!

What I also didn't know is that if you click here you can read "Sean's Space" in German ... at least I think it's German. Cool, right?

Apparently, this is how some folk overseas have read my musings about the New Kids On The Block, "American Idol" and "Sex and the City," among others.

The more, the merrier, I say. Empfang!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean, i come from Germany and i often read your blog. I´ve watched the movie "Sex and the city" and i liked it. I read, that you are a Barry Manilow Fan. I´ve been a fan for many years too. It´s hard to be in Germany a Barryfan! The radio stations only play three songs: Mandy, Copacabana, Can´t smile without you. That´s it! German people don´t know the versatility of the man. All the best Andrea