Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I just got off the phone with the Jonas Brothers

Amid my work here at Yankee Stadium, covering the MLB All-Star Game, I took part in a conference all with the Jonas Brothers, who have been on tour since July 4th.There must have been a few dozen journalists on the call, from all over the country (places like upstate Syracuse; Trenton, N.J.; Burlington, Vt.; and Virginia) all clamoring to ask Joe, Nick and Kevin a question or two.

With that much demand on the guys' time, I was able to ask the guys two questions ... including one submitted by a "Sean's Space" reader.

Being busy with tonight's big game, I'm a bit pressed for time but I promise I'll post the guys' answer to your question tomorrow right here on "Sean's Space!"


Sarah Laumb said...

AH! I need to know if it was my question! :-) Hurry! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. I need to know! Hurry Pls! Lol