Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon & Kate + wait

UPDATE (2:57 p.m. Tuesday): TLC has put "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on hiatus, and new episodes (other than next week's hour-long retrospective) will not air until August 3rd. Read more here.

If you tuned into "Jon & Kate Plus 8" tonight thinking Jon and Kate Gosselin were going to announce they're filing for divorce, you'd be wrong. That's the good news.The sad news, though, is that the parents filed for a legal separation this morning, meaning more tabloid headlines like these are going to abound — if not even more if/when they do finally call it quits.

A fan of the show since its inception, I was extremely disappointed with tonight's news, though not the least bit surprised. (Still, though, the optimist in me that hopes this separation is just a cooling-off period, one that will end with Jon and Kate reuniting their family.)

If you watched the Season 5 premiere last month, let alone any of the episodes since or the media coverage surrounding the family, you could tell this was coming.
It's been pretty evident from the past month of shows that Jon and Kate have been living separate lives apart from each other (if not in separate residences), making DVDs like these containing happier times seem like collector's items.

Again, watch a couple of the previous seasons' episodes, and it's pretty easy to form an opinion as to who to blame for the split. (Got a favorite Gosselin parent? Vote in the poll to the upper right column.) Sadly, it doesn't really matter now, as the damage is done ... though hopefully not irrevocably.

While they appear in our living rooms every week, the Gosselins (all 10 of them, including 8 adorable children) are real people, and it's for their sake I hope this separation can be a wait-and-see period that can bring the family back together for everyone's sake.


Anonymous said...

I think it's disgusting that TLC decided to halt production now, after the fact. Yes, their marriage might have been doomed to fail (if I had to deal with someone like Kate all day long, I'd be making a run for it too). However, having cameras around and, at least for Jon, being embarrased on National tv, did not make whatever problems they were having any better. Maybe TLC should look to find better programing instead of exploiting ones that are big ratings getters. I don't see any interest in watching a show about a family that can't control themselves in the bedroom (18 Kids and Counting) and I have no interest in watching TLC's new show The Little Couple because they're going to be the next ones filing for divorce if TLC keeps airing shows like that. How about they air shows that are actually educational...they are after all The Learning Channel.

Laurie said...

Seriously...My husband was "only 32" when my little girls and I lost him to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease). We would have done ANYTHING to keep our family intact...had my husband not become terminally ill. So are "only 32" and have your WHOLE life ahead of you! Make the most of it with your beautiful wife and family. The grass is only greener on the other side until you get there...and find out it was all an illusion. Love what you have created for yourself and let God bless your family!

Anonymous said...

This is a fine example of how HOLLYWOOD will ruin a relationship!!! THose poor kids!!!