Friday, April 9, 2010

The new CD by the V.O.G.

While perusing the Internet just now, I came across the next chapter in a local feel-good story.

I was reading the most recent post on the Voices Of Glory's official Twitter page when this pic caught my eye. The group — that's the Highland siblings Michael Cole, Avery Cole and Nadia Cole — is using this pic as their Twitter avatar, and it looks a lot like what might be a CD cover ... perhaps their upcoming debut release? (As I mentioned two months ago, the group has been recording their first CD, which the Cole told me they expected to release this summer.) Turns out, a glimpse at the Coles' official Web site revealed indeed this is their first album.

In case you missed any of the Coles' success story — from their background in Highland to their skyrocketing rise to fame on "America's Got Talent" — just click here for a refresher course.

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