Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snooki: $200 per episode

They say you can't put a price on fame, but in the case of one local resident, it's $200 per episode.

Marlboro HS grad Nicole Polizzi — known now to the world as "Snooki" of "Jersey Shore" fame — earned just $2,200 for the first season of the MTV reality show, which translates to $200 per episode. The numbers come from PARADE magazine, which will publish its annual "What People Make" issue this Sunday. "Snooki" (seen here in an MTV publicity shot) is one of six New Yorkers mentioned in the salary report; rapper Kanye West ($25 million) is among the other five from our state mentioned. Considering the "Jersey Shore" cast signed on for thousands of dollars per episode for the second season, filming now in Miami, "Snooki's" compensation will increase exponentially this year, especially when you add in her personal appearance fees.

Salary per episode of "Jersey Shore": $200.
Fame and upcoming fortune: Priceless.

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