Friday, June 4, 2010

Party like a Rock (Band 2) star

If I look tired these days, there's a reason: I'm a rock star!

After years of resisting, I entered the video-gaming realm over the weekend and bought my first system since the late '90s, when I bought the original Sony Playstation.

Making up for lost time, I splurged and treated myself to the deluxe "Rock Band 2" bundle, complete with a wireless guitar, wireless drum kit, a microphone and ... oh, yeah, the actual video game.Let me just tell you, I cannot put this thing down! Wake up in the morning, I can play music. Late at night before bed, I can make even more music. This thing is soooo addictive!

Sure, the game has been out for almost two years, but it's still new to me, and I'm lovin' it! Admittedly, the whole "Rock Band" phenomenon was one of the main catalysts for me shelling out the money for a new gaming system — not to mention the prospect of buying "The Beatles: Rock Band" in the coming days — and so far, it looks like it was definitely money well spent.

I might even go on tour — just me, my "Rock Band 2" game, guitar, mic and drums!

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