Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putting the "Toy" in "Toy Story 3"

Just in case this past weekend wasn't enough fun and games, here's another example of the great time I had.

After meeting the New Kids On The Block, I had a few hours to kill and walked downtown to Times Square. Toys R Us is always a popular stop for me — I peruse the "Star Wars" action figures there ... so sue me! — but this caught my eye even before I got to that second floor. You (yes, you!) can be a "Toy Story 3" toy at the Times Square store by simply stopping by and standing inside the life-size action figure box. Big enough for adults to fit inside (though I didn't), the packaging is an exact replica of the box that the actual action figures come in.

Being that the movie came out the same day I was at the store, there was a definite Buzz (Lightyear) about the chance to get your picture taken here.

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