Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recording tunes is fair with Mayer

It's a musical math equation. Follow me here:
John Mayer > The Doobie Brothers

If you remember this classic "What's Happening!!" episode, you'll remember the Doobies got all mad when Rerun was caught bootlegging their concert with that bulky 1978 tape recorder under his trenchcoat.

Well, Mr. Mayer takes a more fan-friendly approach to recording his performances.
Check out my ticket to last night's John Mayer/Train concert in Sullivan County. Now look two lines behind John's name: Audio OK. How cool is that?!

So, of course, I took advantage of John's generosity!

Always the quick thinker, I set my cell phone to RECORD, placed it with the microphone facing the stage and went on to record the next 90 minutes or so of the concert. Thanks, John Mayer! Between hits like "Heartbreak Warfare" and "Waiting On The World To Change" — not to mention a really good cover of Prince's "Raspberry Beret" — I got 'em all on my phone. Considering how far we were from the stage, though, and the quality of the sound reproduction, the actual music sounds like it was recorded by Rerun back in '78.

Still, it was pretty cool that when many musicians fight against file-sharing when it comes to their songs, John Mayer is good enough to let fans leave his shows with a free souvenir.

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