Friday, August 13, 2010

Two "30 Rock"s down, two to go...

It happened at 1:19 this morning, but I finished watching the second season of "30 Rock."

It took just over a month since I after I finished watching the first season of the NBC hit show for me to complete Season 2. And let me tell you: The show gets better and better. In fact, it makes me regret not watching these earlier episodes the first time they were on the air. In my defense, though, you might remember when "30 Rock" debuted on NBC, a show with a similar premise, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," debuted on CBS. I remember trying to watch the latter once or twice when it came out, but it was just a horrible show. Hence, painting with a broad stroke, I lumped "30 Rock" along with the CBS flop and simply dismissed it. Big mistake! Now, I'm paying for that gaffe, as I try to catch up on the first four seasons I've missed before the fifth season starts on Sept. 23rd.

Here's the problem: It's taken me roughly a month each to get through the first two seasons. I'll have to double up my efforts, likely watching two or even three episodes per viewing to catch up before Season 5 begins.

Once more, wish me luck...

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