Monday, October 22, 2007

Look for us with Rachael Ray Thursday!

Tune in to the "Rachael Ray Show" on Thursday and try to catch a glimpse of my GF and me!

We were sitting in the third row to the left, as you face your TV screen. See if you can find us!

This is what I was wearing, so look for me!

While actress Angie Harmon is the special guest on Thursday, they did not tape her segment when we were there. Instead, taken directly from Rachael's Web site, here's what we saw...

Then, should you be worried about
your quirky pet? A top vet reveals
if your furry friend is normal and
busts some huge pet myths.

Sounds like fun, right? The cats and dogs were adorable, and we all learned a little something ... hopefully you will too!

Additionally, Rachael makes that Turkey Meatball Cacciatore Stoup that I wrote about earlier. The recipe isn't up on Rach's Web site yet, but look for it after the show airs. She makes the meatballs using milk-soaked bread instead of boring ol' breadcrumbs and let me tell ya: My GF has made turkey burgers using that method twice since we saw the show and I've got one word to describe them...


And I almost forgot...

In addition to the TWO "Snacks of the Day" that we got at the taping 'cause we saw TWO episodes being made, we also got a complimentary copy of November's edition of "Every Day," Rachael's magazine.

For more info on "Every Day," click here.


Julie in Stormville said...

Hey Sean. I started reading your space when you reviewed Bo Bice's show last Spring. I really enjoy your enthusiasm for everything, from sports to celebrities to food. Just wanted to mention that Bo's new album was released yesterday, and it rocks! Available at Walmart exclusively (plenty in stock in Fishkill) and for online downloads. Check for song clips. Thanks.

Pat said...

I love Rachel Ray! I'll be looking for you tomorrow.

Was it hard to get tickets to her show, Sean?

I went to see Martha Stewart's show once and she gave NOTHING to her audience -- bummer! I guess I didn't pick the right show to go to as she usually gives away some cool things.

Sean T. McMann said...

Hi, Pat! Getting tickets wasn't the difficult part ... waiting almost a year to see the show was! I submitted our ticket requests last winter, and only in September did we get tickets for the October 10th taping. It's understandable: It's the No. 1 show in the country in its time slot, and everyone wants to get in. My advice: Go to Rachael's Web site and request tickets for next season! The more time you give them, the easier it should probably be to get in. (For planning purposes, they only tape Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with 2 shows each day.) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Made the stoup on her website. DE-LISH indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Received an email today for tickets available at the end of November. Hope I get them-- sounds like you had a great time!