Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"It's Britney, b****!"

Yes, that's the opening line of Britney Spears' new single, "Gimme More." Lovely, isn't it?

I know this 'cause over the weekend I paid $.99 on iTunes to download this latest gem, the title track from her forthcoming CD, out next month. Apparently, I'm not the only idiot to do so: It's still the top song on iTunes, more than a week after it came out.

Now, I didn't just buy it 'cause I'm clinging to my last strand of fan-dom for Brit. No, no ... my reasons were more humanitarian than anything:

See, I'm thinking about the kids: namely, Britney's sons — 2-year-old Sean Preston and younger brother James Jayden, 13 months.

With their mom's career all but in the tank, I thought those kids could use all the money they can get, even if it's 99 cents at a time.

OK, so this was BEFORE all the drama (pronounced draaaah-maaaah!) that occurred Monday ... you know, that whole losing custody of the kids for allegedly driving them around town without a valid license thing — just the latest in a long string of screw-ups that will cost her "Mother of the Year."

Seriously, did anyone ever think Kevin Federline would be deemed the better parent of these two?!

As for her new song, it's pretty bad. Just sing the words "gimme more" over and over and over to yourself about 87 times, and you've pretty much got the jist of it.

But, yeah ... as far as that opening line to "Gimme More," it's hard to believe that someone classy enough to start her much-needed comeback with that line could get her kids taken away from her!

I've got three words for Britney: Don't gimme more!


Karl Bakla said...

I’m offended that you had to censor the “B” word, since it’s your blog I self censored myself but come on words are not bad, intentions are! When some one says “Oh, fudge” it means the same thing as the “F” word if any thing it is more offensive since it hints that the person hearing the message is too stupid to tell the difference between both words. The intentions are the same so the words mean the same thing, don’t be lame we’re all adults! If you truly cared about kids you would have been writing a blog about how you are pissed off that George Bush vetoed the Children’s Health Care Bill. 99 Cents per download, Britney’s kids won’t even see a fraction of that, it’s great you assume the music industry isn’t as corrupt as it really is & here’s a pat on the back for being a charity worker. As for Britney it is sad, she is defiantly going through something & hopefully she’ll seek some help, as for her kids it is equally sad but at least these kids have the funds to seek emotional help unlike most kids who deal with it through drinking 40oz of beer on E. Sahara! I’m offended that with all the crap going on you choose to focus your attention on this, get a clue & get real! Next time you download some tunes check out some Crass!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Karl Bakla. Before slamming someone for word choice, perhaps check your grammar and punctuation first.

I don't believe Sean's Space is a political blog; if it were, I would then agree with your expectation to see political commentary here. The PJ has several fine writers who do focus on the antics of Crazy King George, though. Perhaps you should turn to them for fulfillment.

Keep writing, Sean! Your blog is funny and entertaining. It gives us all much needed relief from the intensity of our times.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you even bought Britney "I love drugs" Spears' latest song makes you so lame. Come on man! Boooooooo!!!!!

Sean T. McMann said...

Actually, Britney's middle name is JEAN, but thanks for reading!