Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Four years of waiting ... for that?!

Wow! It's all over! After just turning a couple of switches, it's finally over!

Just got back from being Voter No. 1 at my polling place, where my guy was winning, 1-0 after my vote, for at least a minute or two ... until the person behind me voted. Really, though, I can armed (with my iPod here) ready to wait in long lines like the media warned us about. But no, if you get up early enough, you can avoid the long lines that I'm sure will come later today.

As it turned out, I only had to listen to music as I walked to and from my polling place, as those few minutes took longer than the actual voting process.

And after signing the rolls, pulling the curtain, making your choice and pulling the handle again ... you're done, just like that! Who knew?!

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