Sunday, January 4, 2009

We were pallin' with Jimmy Fallon

Let me put this simply: Jimmy Fallon is the funniest person I've ever seen live on stage!My GF and I took in Jimmy's late show tonight at Bananas Comedy Club here in Poughkeepsie (as you can see above), and he was hilarious! Not only that, he was very gracious and appreciative of the local crowd, even posing for some pics with us after the show.

Not only was Jimmy cool enough to spend time with fans -- like us -- after each of his Saturday shows, he signed tons of autographs for anyone who asked. Here's my copy of "Fever Pitch," which Jimmy signed before we went to see his second show.

He came off like just an ordinary guy, grateful of the success he's earned, but not letting it go to his head. When fans came up to him and introduced themselves ("Hi, I'm Eric!" or "Hi, I'm Monica!"), he humbly introduced himself: "Hi, I'm Jimmy."

On stage, he had us laughing all night — from the time he took the stage and opened his set with his song "Car Wash for Peace," to an impromptu episode of "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" that he made famous on "Saturday Night Live," to doing impressions of everyone from Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, Robin Williams and Bill Cosby.

The best part for me: Jimmy made two Poughkeepsie Journal references, essentially saying we're the premiere new organization in the area! And, he gave Bananas, Poughkeepsie and Saugerties (where he grew up) great praise for helping reach where he is today — from being a star on "SNL" to doing films like "Fever Pitch" to taking over the hosting duties on NBC's "Late Night" show starting March 2nd.In all, it was great to see a local kid make it big, but not too big to forget where he came from. Thanks to Jimmy and Bananas for a great show, and a fun way to kick off 2009!


Hudson Valley Bowling said...

i can't even begin to tell you how jealous i am of that autograph on fever pitch. i've seen fever pitch probably 300 times. i keep it on when i'm working so i can hear it in the background. i know probably every line. yeah, i know, obsessive, but it's soooo romantic! i had the biggest crush on jimmy for that role. i couldn't make the performance and now i'm jealous too. thanks sean! LOL

Xanthe said...

I wish I could see him live - alas, I am in the UK. Thanks for posting a picture of your signed copy of Fever Pitch - you have just allowed me to verify that the copy of his old book 'I Hate This Place' is actually signed by him and Gloria Fallon. I was totally not expecting it! I just bought it second hand of amazon for $5. So thank-you - I'm so happy right now!