Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, isn't that special!

In a past post almost a year ago, expounded upon the specific benefits of Redbox, found in many local supermarkets. Well, it gets better:

If you head over to their Web site, the good people at Redbox will give you a free rental every week. Here's how it works: You give them your cell phone number, and every Monday around noon, they'll send you a promotional code for a free, one-night rental. It's that simple! Then, you just go to one of their red boxes (oh, that's where they got the name!) like this one, pick your movie, punch in the code and (tah-dah!) you get to rent the DVD until Tuesday evening. If you keep it past the free period, the $1/night fee starts to kick in. Looking for a last-minute idea to take the edge off a Monday night? Here ya go!

Having signed up for their text-message codes about a year ago, I've rented tons of movies from them using this promotion, never spending a cent! Admittedly, sometimes I don't get to watch the whole movie — Monday is a big night for me — but that's OK: It didn't cost me anything!

So here's where the title of this entry comes in (and congrats if you remembered the '80s "SNL" reference): Often, I'll use my promo code to rent a movie I've already seen in the theaters, and then watch the special features about the movie that can only be viewed on the DVD. If I'm pressed for time on a Monday night, the special features often last only a half-hour or so, so it fits perfectly!

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