Thursday, April 2, 2009

Orange you glad I told you?

If you read this earlier post from last month about my favorite frothy orange drink, you saw a link to an amazing recipe. Have you tried it???

Let me tell you: Food Network whiz Alton Brown is a genius! I've made four of his "Orange Delicious" drinks over the past 48 hours and they are amazing! Just as good as the real thing! Not that I'm surprised, as I've got one friend who's a huge Alton Brown fan (she actually lives in the next town over from him) and another buddy who's worked with him on two Food Network shows and says he's a great guy. Maybe I should have my two chums to meet? Hmmm.....

Anyway, this Alton-inspired concoction might be the best thing I've ever made in my kitchen. It's definitely "Good Eats" ... or at least good drinks.

On my flight out to L.A. a few weeks ago, I used my iPod to watch Alton's "Good Eats" about oranges (they're my fav color, btw), which included this recipe, and I was ready to go. I spent the whole trip out there yearning for some orange frothy goodness. So when I came back from the West Coast, whipping up a batch of these was a top priority. After just a lil' tweaking, I've gotten it just right! (Oh, and the straw is the perfect touch. Think about it: Doesn't that national chain give you a straw?) If you're looking for more Food Network ideas, head to Chelsea Market the next time you're in the Big Apple.

Check out Barbara's blog for even more tasty recipes. And, as always, tell her Sean sent ya!

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Barbara said...

That Orange Delicious sounds outrageous, Sean. I am going to have to whip one up! And thanks for the shoutout. :)