Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm orange with envy

There are few things I cherish in this world as much as a nice, cold Orange Julius.
As a kid, I always loved it whem Mom and Dad would treat me to the creamy, frothy drink at the now-demolished South Hills Mall. So you can imagine how excited I was tonight when on a work trip, I came across this Orange Julius at one of the local malls.

Once those orange neon lights caught my eye, I was lured in!

I had to order a large original Orange Julius (not a Strawberry Julius or on of those fru-fru drinks they now make) and it was just as good as I remembered. Between the orange juice and the ice and the secret ingredients, I was in Heaven! So much so that I drank the thing so quickly, I almost got a brain freeze ... but it was soooo worth it!

And it's a good thing I drank that Julius in record time.

Because as I took the elevator up to the second floor of the mall, I thought my eyes were deceiving me: This mall has two Orange Julius stands — one on each floor! (This is where that whole "envy" thing comes in.) Sure, this one was a part-Orange Julius, part-Dairy Queen; but even that is more of an Orange Julius stand than we have back home.

Talk about rubbing it in! I live in a town that has no Orange Julius stands, and this one mall has two Orange Julius stands just a couple hundred feet apart!

It's OK, though. A big Food Network fan, my GF was kind enough to find this for me this on the Food Network's Web site for me: Fellow foodie Alton Brown has posted the recipe for an eerily similar concoction to the Orange Julius, meaning I don't have to travel a couple of hours to find one stand (or in this case, two) that sells my favorite drink!

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dc36214 said...

I'm so jealous! I loved Orange Julius as a kid. I didn't know that they were still around!