Saturday, October 17, 2009

Donnie's new single? Yup, I got it!

A few months after the New Kids On The Block wrapped up their "Full Service" summer tour, one of the New Kids has satiated fans' thirst for new music.

That's 'cause Donnie Wahlberg released his new single yesterday, "I Got It," which features former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day. Toronto radio station CHUM FM world-premiered "I Got It" yesterday morning; and soon after that, Donnie tweeted his fans (like me) on how to purchase the song for download. Of course I bought it, not only 'cause it's a fun song but because some of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation with which the New Kids have worked in the past.

As for the song itself (not to mention "Rise N Grind," the other single that came with "I Got It" for just $1.99), it's great to hear Donnie striking out on his own, making some super music. It's a nice way to transition into what might be a long time before the New Kids get back in the studio again.

The Wahlberg/O'Day pairing also works very well, and for me, it's a neat mixture, considering I saw both of them on the same bill last spring. At Z100's Zootopia 2008 (at which I actually met Donnie and the rest of my favorite group), the New Kids made their first actual concert appearance after Danity Kane, the product of MTV's "Making the Band 3," took the stage to perform their hit at the time, "Damaged." In the year-plus since, Aubrey (seen here with Donnie at the premiere of his film, "A Righteous Kill," last September) has left Danity Kane, while the New Kids put together a pair of successful tours — their 2008 reunion tour, followed up by "Full Service."

To download "I Got It" (with part of the money going to charity), and tell people you got it, click here.

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