Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even a Jedi can't answer 'em all

Regular readers of "Sean's Space" already know of my my ever-growing collection of signed books as well as my affinity for everything "Star Wars." I've recently found (almost) the best of both.
This, "Obsessed with 'Star Wars,' " is the most amazing book ever, even though it's not even signed on the inside. As the cover says, it contains 2,500 questions cover all six "episodes" of the "Star Wars" saga — from "The Phantom Menace" to "Return of the Jedi" — as well as an electronic scorekeeper that randomly picks questions for you to answer!

I just gave myself this book as a birthday present, and let me tell ya: I've spent countless hours trying to answer some of these questions, questions like what was the name of the manufacturer that produced the Rebels' speeders?

Seriously?! Yoda, himself, couldn't get some of these correct. Still, it's fun trying.

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