Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yankees Doodle Dandy

As a sports reporter, I've gotten to do a lot of cool things.

I get to spend time in the Yankees' locker room and dugout — even on the field — at Yankee Stadium before games, but this morning was a whole new (amazing!) experience: I got to stand next to the Yanks' 2009 World Series trophy! That's right: I "met" a piece of hardware today, the same trophy that Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez proudly hoisted back in November, the same trophy that just traveled halfway across the globe to Japan.

Having had my picture snapped with celebs like Darius Rucker and the guys from Air Supply, among others, is cool, standing alongside this World Series trophy was a once-in-a-life time opportunity.A baseball fan since birth who's been to several Fall Classics, both as a fan and as a member of the media, being able to snap my pic with this piece of history was simply awesome!

Think about it how long Red Sox fans waited for a chance like this. Heck, what about Cubs fans?!

The Yanks brought the crown jewel of the Fall Classic to the Westchester County Center, where a dozen or so people lined up before me this morning; they even let us in a few minutes early! We all got to snap pictures of and with the World Series trophy and spend a lil' time with "No. 27," as I call it. It was a really cool experience, and one every fan should get a chance to do. You can meet players, you can get their autographs, but how many fans to stand this close (no touching allowed, which was understandable) to the one prize their diamond heroes all strive for? Not many, I think, so I was glad for the chance to add my name to the short list.

Yeah, being a sports reporter may mean a lot of late night, but this opportunity was well worth a rare early morning!

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