Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever eaten a Wookiee Cookie?

Perhaps wash it down with a little Yoda Soda?

The ultimate "Star Wars" geek fan, now I can do both as I can refer to the amazing "Star Wars Cookbook," that a certain special someone got me recently. Unfamiliar with a Wookiee Cookie, for example? Well, they were first introduced in the horrible "Star Wars Holiday Special" back in 1978. (In fact, having eaten a bunch of Wookiee Cookies, I can attest that they were the very best part of that terrible, once-aired, made-for-TV special.) They're like a combination of a chocolate-chip cookie and a snickerdoodle, and it was twice as tasty! So far, the Wookiee Cookie is the only delicacy from the cookbook I've tasted, but if they're any indication of what the rest of the cookbook has in store, I can't wait to try to the other concoctions!

In fact, I've got a bunch of recipes to sample...

...that's because not only did I receive the original "Star Wars Cookbook," I was also given the "sequel" to the original, the "Star Wars Cookbook II: Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes." (Think of it as the "Empire Strikes Back" of Coruscant cuisine.) As if the recipes and their names (things like "Protocol Droid Pasta" and "Pickle Jar Jar") weren't enough, each of the dishes is displayed with a full-color photo, each adorned with old-school "Star Wars" action figures. If you're a fan of The Force like me, you've gotta take the phone off the hook, makes some "Star Wars"-inspired grub from the cookbooks, and watch the trilogy on DVD.

But as far as that "Star Wars Holiday Special" ... stay away!!! Stay far away!

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