Monday, March 22, 2010

This "House" used to be "Full"

Admittedly not a huge "Full House" fan, I still couldn't pass up a chance to seek out a lil' piece of TV history.

Yes, that is the house in San Francisco that the whole Tanner family — Stephanie, DJ, Danny, Michelle, Uncle Jesse, Rebecca, their twins and, of course, Joey Gladstone — lived in during the run of the show! (Note the cable car cables overhead.) During some down time in the Bay Area following a work assignment, I made it a point to find the Tanners' abode, the same one that was seen on many of the exterior shots, often transitioning between one shot to the next. (Longtime readers of the "Space" here will remember I've also been to such iconic homes as that of the "Friends" gang and the Huxtables of "Cosby Show" fame, as well as Carrie Bradshaw's stoop from "Sex and the City.")

Always one to make the most of free time in a new city, I made sure my the Tanner-ific trek didn't end at the family home.
No, I even managed to find the row of houses seen in the opening credits, a neighborhood known to locals as "The Painted Ladies," for obvious reasons. To boot, I snapped this pic from the park that the Tanners picnic in during the credits ... though I hope they watched where they stepped, 'cause half of it is a dog park with lil' puppies frolicking all over the place.

Again, I wasn't a die-hard "Full House" enthusiast, but how could I not like any show whose theme talks about newspapers not being delivered?!

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