Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a David-versus-David story

All along, I kept thinking David Archuleta would win Season Seven of "American Idol," but "Sean's Space" readers are making me think twice.

For more than two weeks, I've had my "Who Will Win 'American Idol?' " poll up over there on the right, and David Cook is becoming the runaway winner to this point.

I've enjoyed his performances all season long — I thought his "Music of the Night" and "Hungry Like the Wolf" was the best of the season so far — but I was sure David Archuleta would be the winner, picking up millions of votes from little girls.

While I think David A. is a very good singer, I still think David C, is better. Still, I think all the teens and pre-teens will jam the phone lines and send text messages til their thumbs are worn out, all in an attempt to secure David A. the title.

That said, I think both will have successful careers after "Idol," with each catering to their specific niche.

If you've yet to vote in the poll, feel free to vote for your favorite (don't forget Syesha!) and keep coming back to see how your pick is doing.

The poll will accept votes up until the season finale on Wednesday, May 21st, so let's see if "Sean's Space" readers can predict the "American Idol" before America does!

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elizabeth j bayaua said...

I hope David Cook will be the next American Idol. I am a huge fan of this program.