Monday, May 5, 2008

YOU can ask Blake Lewis a question!

Seeing how well I've done with former "American Idol" finalists, I've got another "Idol" interview in the works ... and I'm letting you in on the fun!

Just as I did before when I interviewed "Idol" stars Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks (not to mention, most recently Bret Michaels), I'm giving you a chance to ask Blake Lewis a question when I interview him!!!

I've spent the afternoon working with the good folks at 19 Entertainment, setting up an upcoming interview with Blake Lewis, the runner-up on Season Six of "Idol." It looks like I'll be talking to Blake later this week.

Now, all you've got to do is e-mail your first name, your hometown and your question for Blake to me at I'll pick the best one out of all the questions I receive and pose it to Blake when I speak to him. Then, I'll post his answer to your question right here at "Sean's Space."

Blake will be performing at the annual K-Fest concert at Dutchess Stadium on June 1st, and I'll be working on a cover story for the Poughkeepsie Journal's weekly entertainment supplement, "Enjoy!" just like I did with Taylor Hicks here.

So be creative and fill my inbox! Think of a question you think no one else has asked Blake, and you might see Blake's answer to your query right here on "Sean's Space!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sean. I love Blake Lewis and I am really looking forward to this interview.

Anonymous said...

Will you be picking just one question to ask Blake?

Sean T. McMann said...

I'll try to ask a few fan questions, depending on how much time I have with Blake after our "formal" interview. In the past, I was able to ask Clay Aiken three fan questions. With Taylor Hicks, I was able to ask eight fan questions. With Bret Michaels, I could only get one fan question in. It all depends on how much time I'm alloted, and how quickly the interview goes. I'll try my best!