Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Netflix or Blockbuster? You decide...

The question was posed by someone who knows me just about as well as anyone, and knows my affinity for renting DVDs:

Why did you choose Blockbuster.com instead of Netflix?

I explained that my whole experience of getting DVDs delivered to my mailbox began as a Netflix member, signing up for the service almost as soon as I first heard about it — like, five years ago or so. I loved it: You go online, tell them what movies you want to watch, and voila ... they send them to you in the mail.

For someone as lazy as I — and believe me, I'm lazy — this was like a dream come true!

Then Blockbuster.com came along...

The same idea as Netflix, Blockbuster.com likewise mails you DVDs, but ... they also give you in-store rentals when you bring back each DVD they send you. It's like getting twice as much for your money.

It's just good economics! I promptly signed up and have been a Blockbuster boy ever since.

Having sucked me in, though, Blockbuster.com has found it necessary to raise my monthly fee several times the past few years, but it's still a pretty good deal.

Of course, if you don't want hassle of a monthly fee, there's always Redbox, which is actually a pretty cool option.

Located at your local Stop & Shop, Redbox kiosks (they're actual red boxes!) allow you to rent DVDs for $1 a night. You selecte the movie you want, swipe your credit card and (again) voila ... your DVD pops out. Bring it back before 9 p.m. the nexy night, and it's just $1.

If only they could deliver Goobers and Dr. Pepper to your mailbox!


Lisa T. said...

Netflix rules!

Anonymous said...

I find that Red box much easier. I can go there when I buy my groceries and bring the movies back whenever I want.