Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Underdog story: Kris Allen is new "Idol"

Seriously ... who saw this one coming???

Despite what seemingly everyone thought coming into tonight's "American Idol" finale, Kris Allen beat odds-on favorite Adam Lambert to become the Season 8 champion! From everything you hear about Kris, he's a good guy who seemed just as shocked as the rest of us that Ryan Seacrest announced his name after two-plus hours of the show. You almost got the feeling that Kris had read all the predictions claiming Adam would easily walk away with the "Idol" crown and become the next superstar created by the show. It was really cool to see the amazement on Kris' face when he got the news.

Already acting like a champion — say, a Super Bowl champ — Kris spent his first few moments following his victory filming a Walt Disney World commercial, seen here.And though I led off by asking Who knew?, there were almost 750 people who did know!

Over the past month, more than 3,200 "Idol" fans came to "Sean's Space" to vote for who they thought would win tonight's championship. While Adam took a quick lead he never relinquished, 745 fans of Kris had faith and voted for him in the poll. With die-hard fans like them — not to mention fans of the show itself — it would be easy to predict post-"Idol" success for Kris in the coming months.

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