Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talk about being bowled over

Anyone who's ever visited "Sean's Space" knows it doesn't take a lot make me happy — a nice cold Orange Julius, an episode of "Saved By the Bell," watching kids on leashes.

So, after a long and hectic night at work, the only thing I wanted when I departed the office last night was a nice, easy dinner ... prepared by someone else! I'd been seeing commercials for these bread bowl pastas by Domino's, the folks whose pizza I've scarfed down since I was a kid. Warm, convenient comfort food ... what more could a guy ask for?!

Again, it doesn't take a lot to impress me, but I loved this stuff! It was more than I'd hoped for! The chicken, the pasta, the alfredo sauce ... it was just the thing to hit the spot on a dreary, rainy night when I was feeling way too lazy to cook for myself.

Seriously, just look at this stuff, and tell me you don't want to gobble it all down, bread bowl and all.
Having given up fast food in the new year, this stuff is perfect for helping me stick to my resolution: Just like Quiznos and Subway, it's not fast food ... it's good food served quickly!

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