Thursday, May 21, 2009

David Cook's "Permanent" tribute

Season 7's "American Idol" has added something else to his great music: a great cause.

After an emotional performance of his song "Permanent" on last night's "Idol" finale, David has released that live performance on iTunes to help raise funds for cancer research. Two weeks ago, David's older brother Adam, lost a 10-year battle with brain cancer. Monies raised from the iTunes purchases of "Permanent" will be donated to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, which is looking to eradicate brain cancer.

On the radio this afternoon, David told Ryan Seacrest he wasn't sure if he could hold himself together during last night's performance. That emotion translates into an amazing live recording.

Having just downloaded "Permanent" and listened to it, I can tell that while three Kris Allen songs and another by Adam Lambert might populate iTunes' top 10 "top songs" right now, I think David's tribute (and the cause it supports) is a more worthwhile way to spend your 99 cents!

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