Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Sean & The City"

So just in case all that excitement from Saturday night's concert wasn't enough, we boarded the 6:33 train out of Poughkeepsie Sunday morning headed to NYC for the "Sex And The City" bus tour.

Now, we'd won two free passes to this 3 1/2-hour bus tour back in January with two thoughts in mind:

1. My GF got her bachelor's degree in fashion (she's since earned her master's in communications) and I thought with all the fashion that Carrie and the girls always wore, this would be perfect for her.

2. Me? I'd become a fan of the show's writing since I first watched it ... not to mention that it's pretty cool watching four chicks sitting around and talking about "doing it."

So just before 10 o'clock, we waited on line to board the big charter bus right in front of the Plaza Hotel. Even though the show wrapped several years ago, I was amazed how many people were waiting with us, happy to pay the $37 for the 3 1/2-hour tour.

As we stood in line (we were the second ones there), I took a head-count: girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl... Well, you see where I'm going with this! Of the 48 people on the bus, I was one of three guys on the whole bus! (All three us of, though, were there with our GFs or wives, so don't get any strange ideas.)

With that said, I had a great time! We sat on Carrie's stoop (seen here) and the tour guide (Lisa, originally from nearby Woodstock) snapped our pic on it. That was one of three times we got off the bus to see the sights up-close. In between, we watched like 30 video clips, each corresponding to the next sight we were about to drive slowly by.

The exclusive rooftop pool where Samantha pretended to a British socialite. Charlotte's art gallery (not to mention the inside story about why she stopped working there). The basketball court where Steve practiced for his halfcourt shot during the Knicks game. Aidan's furniture store. We saw 'em all!

But the BEST part of the tour came when we stopped at the Magnolia Bakery (it's right near Carrie's stoop). In one episode the girls are eating the bakery's famous cupcakes and, keeping with the reality aspect of the tour, we were each treated to a Magnolia Bakery-recipe cupcake.

(Though, they were from another bakery owned by one of the former Magnolia owners who's since split from her business partner. It's an ugly story, too long to recount here.)

All ya need to know is that these cupcakes were AWESOME — at two bucks a pop, they'd better be! — so much that I jumped at the chance to answer a "SATC" trivia question at the end of the tour to win another cupcake ... which I shared with my GF. (Speaking of which, notice I never name her? She likes it that way ... kinda like she's my "Ms. Big," keeping with the theme of the show!)

In all, it was a really fun 3 hours or so, an experience I'd totally recommend for any fan of the show. Click here for more information on the tour.

They dropped us off a block from Times Square, where we met my pal Abby (she's now a big-time lawyer) and ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Hours later, we returned home to Po-town, tired but excited about the fun weekend we'd had, thanks to Bo Bice and Carrie & Co.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sex and the City and am so glad to hear about the tour!

Sean T. McMann said...

The tour was REALLY a lot of fun, and the cupcakes were da bomb (as the kids say)! If you go, tell 'em Sean sent ya!