Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bo Bice: Unplugged

OK, now I never imagined I’d write one blog post about Bo Bice, let alone this one, which is my third!

But I’ve got to say: What a show!

A couple nights before Friday’s show at The Chance, I actually went to a Bo Bice message board (yes, I was that bored!) and read that he was doing some acoustic shows on his current tour. Seriously? I thought. No big rock show? Just Bo, a guitar and a mic?

Man, was I surprised!

Standing in the front row, my GF and I enjoyed almost 90 minutes of southern rock, culminating with Bo’s show-ending rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama” with his ol’ pal and opening act, Gary Nichols. (Check out his Web site here.)

I actually recorded that finale on my brand-spanking new digital camera, but the fine folks at YouTube only let you uploaded videos that are less than 100 MB, and the file was 124 MB. (I know … “Like we care, geek!”) Anyway … I was able to post this lil' jam session of him and Nichols:

Admittedly, the YouTube videos come out a lil blurry in the blog, so feel free to click here and watch it with better resolution.

While he only did two songs from his debut CD, "The Real Thing" — that was the CD that I was trying to memorize for two weeks — he also did some new songs he's been working on for his upcoming release, a cover of the Eagles' "Take It Easy" and even a lil' "Wheels On The Bus" while expounding the virtues of the Doodlebops. (Ya had to be there.) In between, he conversed back and forth with the crowd and really seemed to enjoy his night in Po-town!

All in all, it was a great show and he came off as a really down-to-earth guy.


Diane said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! I never had a doubt ;)

loopy said...

I knew you'd see the light! (That's one of Bo's new songs by the way)
Thanks for giving our guy a chance :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Sean...glad you enjoyed the show. One never knows what they are in store for at a Bo Show. I've seen "Rocking" Bo with a band and "Acoustic" Bo, both are equally mind blowing.


Pat said...

Just read your blog about Bo Bice. AI hasn't been the same without him & Carrie. I'm hoping to see a show this summer. I love his CD.

Anonymous said...

I think I was standing right next to you and your girlfriend at Bo's concert, Sean!

I loved the acoustic set Bo did, and I can't wait for his new album that is coming out this fall. His new songs are wonderful....check them out on YOUTUBE. Seach for Bo Bice/ "AMERICAN BLOOD" and "I'M GONE"

Hope to see you, and him, again next time he comes to Po'town!