Monday, May 14, 2007

Bo knows singing

OK, OK, OK. I feel better.

If you read my earlier post about Bo Bice, you know that I'd gotten my GF and myself on the guest for Friday night's show at the Chance ... even though I'd never heard him sing.

Well, "the wife" of Daddy Diary blog author Pete Colaizzo lent me her copy of his debut CD, "The Real Thing."

Let me tell ya: He can sang. That's right: Not sing, but sang! (You have to imagine a funky twang in your head when you read that ... sang!)

Readers Diane and Looper were kind enough to pass along their comments and tell me of Bo's talent. Taking a break from Daddy Diary, Pete told me several times that Bo did a great cover of "Vehicle," though I didn't know what song he was talking about. (As it turns out, I did know the song, just not the title.)

I've been listening to the CD nonstop (on the way to cover stories for work, on the way to the bank, on the way to Mother's Day brunch) and I'm trying my best to learn every word to every song. With four days left, I'm about halfway there.

Having gone to Alanis Morissette on her first tour 11 years ago when her first single, "You Oughta Know" was still climbing the charts, I had the horrible experience of going to a concert and only knowing the words for that one song! The rest of the night, my friends and I just bobbed our heads and tried to stay in rhythm.

Intent on not repeating that story, I had a plan when "the wife" let me borrow her CD: Instead of listening to the disc in its entirety, I instead devised the plan to break the track listing into thirds, listening to the first four songs ad nauseum until I learned every lyric, and then the second third and then the final third.

I've still got about five or six more songs to learn in four days, so wish me luck!


Leslie said...

You might want to listen to some of his new stuff. He not playing much from The Real Thing

Diane said...

Happy to help! More videos of the new songs on my myspace :)
Take Care!