Thursday, May 3, 2007

"Cowboy" comes through

Now, this is exactly what the intent I had behind starting "Sean's Space" was: Combining the fun worlds of sports and entertainment into one blog! (Call it "convergence.")

Who knew Kid Rock (seen here in an AP file pic) was a golf fan?

After hearing that a girls' golf team from Milan (Mich.) High School had six sets of golf clubs stolen from its team van earlier this week, the Detroit-area rap/rocker arranged to get the teens complete new sets of clubs.

Kid got together with John Daly, the PGA Tour's "every man," and they got TaylorMade to donate the clubs. Nice, right?


On a totally unrelated note...

I was watching a rerun of "Deal or No Deal" on CNBC last night at 2 a.m., and saw that World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars John Cena (he's the champ), Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton and Edge were part of the contestant's cheering section.

For everything else that's happening in the world of sports entertainment, feel free to click on Phil Strum's "Under the Ring" blog ... and tell him Sean sent you!

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