Friday, May 4, 2007

Need a lil' NYC help here...

So I've secured a couple of tickets to see an upcoming performance of the Broadway show "Talk Radio," and doing some research on the Internet, the first few reviews I've seen have been pretty bad.

Here's where you come in: Has anyone seen this play? Is it worth my GF and I taking the train down and schlubbing through the city to see on a weeknight? I saw it got nominated for some Drama Desk award — though I don't know what those are) — so it can't be that bad, right?

Admittedly, I'm not a theater veteran. Before seeing "Mary Poppins" back in March (and wait 'til I tell you about how awesome that was!), I'd only seen one other play, taking in a matinee of "Phantom of the Opera" a few years ago. (See? If I was an avid theater-goer, I'd have just called it "Phantom.")

Anyway...if there's anyone out there who's seen this show, please write a comment and let me know if it's any good or if a Thursday night in Poughkeepsie be just as fulfilling. Thanks in advance!


Kathleen Murray said...

It seemed to me that critics and fans have been lavishing Liev Schreiber with praise for his performance. I'm jealous you got tickets. FYI: Liev has some local ties as a board member of the Woodstock Film Festival.

Sean T. McMann said...

Thanks for the info, Kathleen!
I just happened to "fall" into the tix (got them for free) so it sounded like a nice evening out on the town for us.