Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Barry Manilow is on his way!

For all you "Sean's Space" fans dying to read about Monday's Barry Manilow concert at the Meadowlands, don't worry: two write-ups are on the way.

The first will be just a review of "An Evening of Music and Passion;" the other will explain how our $7.99 tickets in the upper deck of the Izod Center turned into 21st row floor seats!

Because of a craaaazy workload at the office, though, it looks like it might take at least til Wednesday to get the first write-up here on the blog.

(Remember: I don't actually watch concerts and TV for a living. No, no ... I watch sports for a living!)

But c'mon ... isn't my witty prose worth the wait?

OK, OK ... isn't Barry worth the wait?!

Stay tuned...

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