Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been "elf-ed!" LOOK!

Let me just tell you: I LOVE OFFICE MAX!

Because of the great people over at the Office Max Web site, I've fulfilled one of my greatest dreams: becoming one of Santa's elves!

Don't believe me? Click here and watch me do my thing!

Thank you, Office Max! You guys rule!

I might just have to switch from Dunder-Mifflin to Office Max for all my paper supply needs!

(Yeah, admittedly, this post has NOTHING to do with Will Farrell or the "Elf" movie, but I like to give "Sean's Space" readers a lil' something to look at in addition to reading such stimulating and amusing prose!)


Anonymous said...

well, since you're now an elf, you have to go to elf school:

getalifeubum said...
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