Friday, June 15, 2007

Bye, bye, Bob Barker!

After 35 years of mornings on CBS, Bob Barker hung up the long, thin microphone today, hosting his last episode of "The Price Is Right." (Re-runs starring Bob as host will continue through September.) This final episode was actually filmed on June 6th.

Having watched him on "The Price Is Right" for 32 of those 35 years, all I can say is this: Thanks for the memories, Bob!

Some of my fondest childhood memories were watching "TPIR" with my grandparents at their house in Hopewell Junction at 11 in the morning, followed by Grandma making my favorite sandwich at the time (whether it was tuna or salami) after the Showcase Showdown.

I feel so old saying this, but I remember when Bob used to have brown hair on the show. (I later learned he'd always had white hair when I watched it; he just stopped coloring it 1987, when I was in 7th grade!)

I also remember a time when Bob didn't sign off the show by telling us to get out household pets ... um ... "fixed" like he's been doing now for years. (I'm sure there are millions of cats and dogs across America rejoicing at today's retirement!)

As for Bob's last show this morning, it was pretty ho-hum, in terms of a send-off. CBS is replaying this morning's episode at 8 p.m. tonight, so I don't want to give away much in case you missed it, other than to say there was a little confetti and a short, classy good-bye from Bob at the end. (Although there was a very enthusiastic contestant named Philip that you'll have to look out for! Oh, and you won't believe how much the big winner walked home with today!)

So with Bob hanging up the mic, the search goes on for his replacement. Such names as Mario Lopez (he of "Saved By The Bell" fame) and Poughkeepsie High School graduate Dave Price have been bounced around.

It's fitting, I think, to sign off this blog entry the same way Bob signed off each episode of "The Price Is Right"...

Please help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered!


Anonymous said...

I share many of the same memories as Sean. It was a bonding time for me and my Grandmother and afterwards we would have butter sandwiches and tea. I tried to get on the show once years ago. I arrived at 5am with a ticket to get on line to get a ticket to get interviewed to get in. I got as far as the second ticket at 10am when they announced that the studio was full. I was so disappointed. I was even sporting a tee-shirt that said “My price is right”. I often talked about trying again but never did. I do remember seeing the guy who owned the mobile gas station on Rt.55 on the show. It must have been in like 1984ish.
I didn’t get to see the show this morning but you bet I will be tuning in tonight with tissues in hand. I have a feeling that my childhood memories and those of my Sweet Grandmother are going to be stirred up.
All I can say is Thanks Bob, for the years of pure entertainment. The show will never be the same.

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