Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How "frickin' sweet" is this?!

Thanks to the good folks at eBay and my winning bid, I am now the proud owner of this: an official Subway/"Family Guy" T-shirt, the very same one worn by sub store employees from coast to coast, adorned with patriarch Peter Griffin!

In case carrying around my memories of working at McDonald's in high school wasn't enough, now I can walk look like I'm a Subway sandwich artist, too!

It's ironic, since I've given up fast food as a new year's resolution I haven't eaten McDonald's since the end of 2004, btw! I am, though, still allowing myself to eat Subway and Quiznos, 'cause as we all know, those two aren't "fast food" ... that's good food served quickly!

For the record, 12 percent of Americans have worked at McDonald's at one time in their life. That's roughly one in 8 of us. C'mon ... raise your hand. Who else?

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