Saturday, January 5, 2008

WWE still puts on a great show!

About 24 years after attending my first live World Wrestling Federation event at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, I can honestly say the now-World Wrestling Entertainment still provides its fans with a fun day of sports entertainment.

And lest you think it's just hulked-up guys in skimpy clothes rolling around with each other, look! They have hot chicks in skimpy clothing rolling around with each other, too!

Believe it or not, Maria here actually won the match! (Well ... she "won," if you know what I mean.) You can imagine what the other one looked like.

For those of you keeping track at home, here are the results from today's 2 p.m. matinee so you can jot them down in your official all-time WWE record book...

William Regal def. D.H. Smith
Brian Kendrick & Super Crazy def. Charlie Haas & Nick Nemeth
WWE Divas match: Maria def. Jillian Hall, followed by Beth Phoenix beat-down of Maria
Special appearance by WWE Diva Ashley Massaro
Atlas Debone def. Santino Morella
Snitsky def. some jobber
Royal Rumble-qualifying match: Hardcore Holly def. Trevor Murdoch
Main event: Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. Randy Orton (World Champion) & Mr. Kennedy

So, that "competition" aside, it was nice to see the WWE Superstars really give the Civic Center crowd, which is much smaller than their usual crowds by comparison, them a lot of attention and time. The Superstars showed their gratitude by playing to the crowd in between moves making the crowd of 3,000 or so feel like part of the show -- something they can't always do in the bigger venues like Madison Square Garden.

Triple H (or is it HHH? I always get that confused!) and Jeff Hardy taking a victory lap around the ring following the main event, giving us each high-fives on their way back to the curtain.

In short, the WWE still knows how to entertain its fans and it was a great afternoon of live sports entertainment. If you're headed to the 7:30 p.m. show, drop me a line at and tell me how it went. If you've got results after the show, send them along, too.

I'll have more thoughts on the WWE experience later, so keep coming back to "Sean's Space." And for the latest in the world of pro wrestling, check out Phil Strum's "Under the Ring" blog and tell him Sean sent ya!


Anonymous said...

just got home (11;24 pm). it was fun, but not as much fun as the last time they were there. some 'jobbers' we didn't even hear of were there, the matches were a bit lame. the big names did a great job and triple h is just well, (is it hot in here?) but it wasn't my favorite time I was there.

Anonymous said...


i forgot the mention that the sign guy was there! I talked to him for a bit. he was at the 2 pm show too he said. did you see him? His signs are funny. my fave was "drink beer and (can't remember the female wrestler) looks good." and "Jillian makes britney look normal."