Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I voted for Carly

Well, I didn't vote in last month's New York primary, but I k my first vote for the current season of "American Idol" last night ... I voted for Carly Smithson!

Her version of the Beatles' "Come Together" was awesome, the best of the Paul McCartney and John Lennon covers on last night's show.

I mean, did you hear that God-awful country rendition of "Eight Days A Week" that Kristy Lee Cook butchered?! I think Simon said it best, calling it "horrendous."

Here's a copy of Carly's 2001 CD, which she recorded using her maiden name. Can you believe it only sold about 400 copies?! That's right: four hundred!

Once you get past all those tattoos on her right arm and listen to her voice, you find out she's one of the best in the competition. As I wore my "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" hoodie and my Notre Dame cap with the big shamrock in the front, I loved Carly's Irish accent when Seacrest interviewed her.

For those who missed my earlier post abour Jordin Sparks, I only start watching "American Idol" when they get down to the final dozen. I can't stand all those weeks of horrible auditions, and even when they narrow it down to those going to Hollywood, that's still too many people to get emotionally invested in.

So my vote last night was for Carly. Who got your vote?

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