Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yet ANOTHER "American Idol" alum coming to town

Opening up for Dierks Bentley at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on March 28th, Bucky Covington will be the latest former "American Idol" finalist to make his or her way to Dutchess County.

By my count, Bucky will be the fifth "AI" alumnus to come through the area since May, as Bo Bice, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken preceded him. (Am I missing anyone?)

Bucky (seriously, don't ya love that name?!) finished in 8th placed during the 5th season of "Idol," which Taylor won.

Luke Bryan (never heard of him) will also open up on that March 28th show here in Poughkeepsie.


Anonymous said...

You could at least invite someone who had talent. Only one so far was Clay Aiken

Anonymous said...

I've heard Bucky Covington live--he's very talented (as is Clay Aiken, who I've had the pleasure of seeing and hearing live, too.) Different genres and styles, but both are terrific in their own chosen musical spheres. Be glad the area's getting lot of fresh new talented faces coming through--not every city is so blessed. :)

Anonymous said...

Who? I heard the guy that got eliminated lastnight is coming to Pok as well. He will be performing at a all male review. Boooooooo!!!! Mid-Hudson Civic Center. You guys can't book anybody anymore.

Lisa Iannucci said...

Give bucky a chance...he's quite a good country singer.

Sean T. McMann said...

Oh, I've got nothing against Bucky. (In fact, I love to see a grown-up named "Bucky.") I've never listened to his music. I was just announcing he was coming to town.