Saturday, March 15, 2008

These just look gross!

Wandering the aisles of Stop n' Shop the other night, I came across these, to which I said in my head, "Ewwww!"

Now a little background: I select my breakfast cereal by the prize they give away in the box. (Although nowadays, most of the good prizes you have to send away for, which sucks!) I've always been a huge Pop-Tarts fan, though, and in recent years have redeemed box tops for free "American Idol" T-shirts, Pop-Tart freezer pop makers, and even a Disney's "Chicken Little" winter hat.

With that said, I would never put these things anywhere near my mouth. The Kellogg's people have rolled out some gross-looking flavors lately ("Chocolate Vanilla Creme" or "Apple Cinnamon" or "Strawberry Milkshake") but I would probably give those a chance.

But whole grain Pop-Tarts? And to make my fav Pop-Tarts of all time (frosted strawberry with the sprinkles) into whole grain? That's just wrong! If I wanted a nutritious breakfast treat, I'd eat Special K or Total.

Oh, and for the record, I don't even eat them toasted. Nope! I just rip open the foil wrapper and chow down on them raw. The "Chocolate Cookie Dough" ones, in particular, make excellent anytime snacks right out of the wrapper!


Beckster said...

I thought I was the only gastrically asbestos-lined human left who did that! I don't think even my system could handle the whole-grain untoasted. But it's almost like a challenge...

Lisa Iannucci said...

they aren't leaving anything untouched. cookie monster is now carrot monster! will it never end! nooooooooo