Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Musical wallpaper" vs. "a mess": which stunk more?

Wow! Last night's "American Idol" was a disaster! They should've stopped with last week's Paul McCartney and John Lennon-themed night before adding a second week of Beatles tunes.

To say the performances were pretty bad is an understatement. I think Simon here had the best lines of the night, calling Kristy Lee Cook's performance "musical wallpaper," and describing another finalist's rendition "a mess." (I honestly can't remember who received that second barb because, by the grace of God, I've been able to forget most of the night's performances.)

I'm looking for Kristy to get the boot tonight 'cause I'm sure she didn't get many votes ... she sure didn't get mine!

That said, David Archuleta shined, proving why many consider him the front-runner of the show.

Rebounding from last week's disaster, the 17-year-old from Utah remembered the lyrics this week, and did a great version of "The Long and Winding Road." I voted for him!

Another of the few finalists who stood out for me last night was David Cook, who did a rocker version of "Day Tripper."

Cook seems like a slightly lighter version of Chris Daughtry, and like Brooke White, I like to see the "Idol" wannabes who can play their own instruments.

Just a few other "Idol" notes...

* I thought Brooke looked pretty in her yellow dress, which was nicely complemented with the yellow lighting.

* Carly just came off like a whiner with that whole feeling broken and fragile in the music biz monologue. Just sing!

*I felt bad for Michael Johns, having to follow David Archuleta.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "THANK GOD FOR TIVO." I watched the two hour fiasco in about forty minutes.

Lisa Iannucci said...

i've been rooting for david cook because he IS chris daughtry with a personality! LOL