Monday, March 17, 2008

You can quote me on that

I was scrolling through Wikipedia the other day when I came across the coolest thing!

Click here and look at the second and third references. (Go ahead ... I can wait ... back yet?)

Did you see that???

Someone put me down as a source for Clay Aiken's first Christmas CD! (That's it, seen right here) And they didn't just put me down as a source once ... the did it twice! And I swear it wasn't me.

As pleasantly surprised as I was, then I thought, Does that mean anybody can be a source on Wikipedia? Like, is it that simple? Is someone vetting all these sources?

See, my GF and I have this running joke that all life's answers can be found at Wikipedia.

Like last night, we wanted more information on Pat Bullard, the host of "Here Come the Newlyweds." Where did I find it? Wikipedia! Is writer/producer Nora Ephron related to "High School Musical" star Zac Efron? Check out Wikipedia!

Then, to think that humble young man like myself would be counted on as a source on Wikipedia, on which people around the world to rely on. Wow!

And I just wanted to interview Clay Aiken for a few minutes! Who knew it would lead to such Wikipedia fame?! :)


Anonymous said...

Most Wikipedia editors do like to get the facts right. You are a journalist for a legitimate newspaper. You did interview Clay Aiken for his 2007 Christmas tour. You did quote Clay regarding the stories. So yeah, your a legitimate verifiable source for his Christmas tour. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Clay has a new cd coming out May 6, 2008...maybe you can "hop" on source credit for that one, too. j/k

That's crazy.