Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Give Brooke a break

So Brooke White forgot the words (she called it "lost the lyric") last night on "American Idol." So what?

In a move Simon Cowell actually called "brave," Brooke simply asked the band to start over, and she began her song again.

Yes, even though I ranted for weeks about how Kristy Lee Cook should get the boot, I'm rooting for Brooke. She's perky. She's spunky. She made a mistake last night, picked herself right back up and started all over again.

Again, I don't see her winning the whole show, but I can see Brooke getting all the way to the Final Four (which is a huge accomplishment for college basketball teams), so here's hoping just like the band, voters give her another chance when tonight's results are revealed.

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