Friday, April 11, 2008

See ya down under, Michael Johns!

Does anyone who watches "American Idol" read "Sean's Space?"

Can someone please explain to me how someone as good a singer as Aussie Michael Johns got the boot last night while someone like Kristy Lee Cook is still around?

Now, I didn't think Michael was good enough to win, but I thought he was like former "Idol" contender Josh Gracin: They both had good enough voices and, if they'd won, wouldn't have released just teen-pop like, say, David Archuleta. (Again, nothing against David A. ... I think he's going to win the whole thing.)

Yet, somehow Kristy sticks around for at least another week. How?! How does it happen???

Forget the millions of dollars that "Idol Gives Back" raised on Wednesday night. The most astounding thing "Idol" seems to have given is a second chance to Kristy! She should've been gone weeks ago, as soon as she ruined "Eight Days a Week."

Will this keep me from watching and voting? No. But it will make me wonder if my vote is worth anything, since somehow, some way, someone with Kristy's ability is still considered, at least, one of the seven best performers in America.


Anonymous said...

Although he is not my favorite, I can't understand how he got voted off this soon. I would much rather have seen one or two others hit the road. But I think he will be taken care of by some record deal he will get offered and we'll hear from him again. I'm sorry to say I agree that David A will probably win it all - wouldn't be my vote...I think David C would be a much better choice but all the little tweeners will wipe out his votes.

Lisa Iannucci said...

he got sent home thanks to the one sentence you said Sean "I think David is going to win the whole thing." fans get complacent thinking either a) he's not going to win so I won't vote or b) he did so well, he's guaranteed to be safe so i don't vote.

They call this the Daughtry-syndrome.

Anonymous said...

the reason he was voted off is because no one knows how to vote. If say there are 2 performers who do a terrible job that you don't want to see go on, YOU DON"T GIVE THEM ANY VOTES!!! Then, you spread your votes among the good ones you want to see stay. It's called spreading the love! Don't ever, ever NOT vote for someone you think is so good they couldn't possibly be leaving because then we lose someone like MJ!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Sean? You haven't heard of yet? That is exactly why Kristy Lee Cook is still around.

Her first music video ever is posted there. It's pretty offensive. And just damn funny. Enjoy!