Friday, March 27, 2009

"Idol" fans are anything but idle

It never fails to amaze me how faithful fans of "American Idol" finalists are to their favorite singers.

Earlier this month, when I got to interview David Cook, fans of the reigning "Idol" flooded this blog, making Wednesday, March 11th the second-largest day in "Sean's Space" history, in terms of page views. By comparison (and not surprisingly), only Dec. 9, 2007 out-ranked March 11th, when fans of "Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken set the all-time record by reading about his Poughkeepsie performance.

Even before that, though, I learned of "Idol" fans' devotion when I conducted my first-ever "Sean's Space" celebrity interview with Season Five champ Taylor Hicks. Taylor's fans blew up the blog and filled my e-mail inbox for days! Sure, the guy won "American Idol," but well over a year after taking the title, his supporters were still as excited, as the hits to "Sean's Space" bore out. Hence, every time I get the chance to interview an "Idol" finalist, I jump at the chance.

The key here: Fan sites and message boards pick up on the "Sean's Space" entries about their favorite "Idol" contestants and link to those entries, thus expanding the scope of the "Space" by reaching (literally) thousands more readers across the world.

Quick, how many of theses people have I interviewed???

For example, earlier this month, fans created several posts on "David Cook Official," including this one, this one and this one, which alluded to my coverage of his Poughkeepsie show. And for the record, "Cougars Love Cook" gets my vote for the best name of fan site!

Heck, David himself even told me he'd gotten a Google Alert about my "Sean's Space" entry looking for his fans to submit questions for our interview!

But wait, it gets better...

Around the same time, I found this Japanese Yahoo search (at least I think it's Japanese) which returned an entry about my Cook coverage entitled 3月10日のレポ ... no, seriously, check it out!

So let me send out a big shout-out to all the "American Idol" fans who have stopped by "Sean's Space" in the past 19 months or so, since I started interviewing the show's finalists and winners. Stay tuned, as I'll keep bringing you closer to your favorite "Idol" singers whenever I can!

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Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is still numero uno in my book. If I can't watch him sing on TV I'll just have to watch the clack in my puter.