Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tweet, tweet. Tweet, tweet!

Have you heard about this Twitter thing all the kid are using? Wow! You've got to check this out...

For the uninitiated, Twitter is this cool, free service that lets you send short messages (up to 140 characters) to friends, family ... anyone you want to get them. They can read them on your own Twitter page, on their cell phones or even in the sidebar of a blog like, for example, "Sean's Space." Yup, I just joined Twitter!

Check back here often to see what I'm up to, as I can now post live Twitter updates (on the right sidebar, under the picture of me and the New Kids On The Block) from anywhere! And that's the beauty of Twitter...
This handy, dandy cell phone can now send Twitter updates right to "Sean's Space." If I see something cool at the mall or I'm at a great concert or think of a funny joke I want to share, no matter where I am, I can Twitter it and it'll show up here!

Sure, some people say those who Twitter are mostly egocentric, but everyone from news giant CNN to "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon (you know we met Jimmy, right?) are sending tweets — that's right, they're called tweets — for all to read. Now, I can add myself to the list.

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